Sydney Shymkus
Marketing Intern

Survive on Social Media During the Summer Content Drought

Now’s the time to excite students for the upcoming school year, through social media.

The university’s social media was booming over the school year with great content that reflected the busy year—athletic games, charity events, new academic programs, and commencement ceremonies. Now summer has arrived and everyone is looking forward to taking a break from academia, which leaves campus (and your social media) less eventful and lively.

This lack of activity can result in content that is dry and boring, and cease to keep your audience engaged. Don’t kill the momentum you worked so hard to build over the school year—keep your summer content lively and your audience engaged with these tips.

Trigger Nostalgia

People love a good #ThrowbackThursday on social media, especially to a memory that can be shared by many. Reflect back to a major event or accomplishment, whether it’s the time the university beat the rival school in football, or the time the school exceeded the fundraising goals for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Use these posts to bring your audience back to that special memory and to get them excited about future events to come.

Host an Event

Although it might seem like a ghost town, there may still be some students around campus. Host an event where those who are still around can get involved. Whether it’s something big like a charity event or a music festival or something simple like a campus-wide picnic, it gives those in the area something to do and invites others to come back for a visit. It also is an opportunity to create buzz on social media and take photos.

Create Games

Need to get rid of some old merchandise or have event tickets to spare? Host a contest or giveaway. Try doing an Instagram contest where students share photos of themselves showing school spirit while on summer vacation, or a Twitter competition where students can tweet advice to freshman–the photo or tweet with the most likes wins. A little healthy competition is fun, and keeps your audience interacting with your brand. Plus, who doesn’t love prizes?

Share Stories  

Encourage your followers to share their own stories and experiences. A soon-to-be-freshman may have a funny story about dorm room shopping with his mom, or an alumna might have a story about her journey to an interesting career path. Scientifically, our brains are more engaged when we are reading or telling a story, so be sure to use that to your social media’s advantage.