Stacey Decker
Media Director

Ready, Set, Launch!

How to get the most out of your media buy

Every successful media buy is anchored to a strong media strategy. How does yours measure up? Consider these five building blocks for better strategic planning.

1.  Focus! Focus! Focus!
An effective media campaign is designed for a specific role within your marketing plan. One of the most common pitfalls is a campaign without a clear objective. A single campaign can’t drive customer inquiries AND build brand awareness at the same time. Those are very different objectives that drive very different media plans. The more tightly you can define the role of your campaign, the better your results.

2.  Channel your inner data whisperer.
Build a 360 degree view of your target audience. Marry CRM demographics with what’s known about the thought processes and real-world dynamics that impact decision making. Add to that the media consumption habits of your target audience, and determine the best way to deliver your message.

3.  Timing is everything.
Determine the natural seasonality of the marketplace and align your media efforts accordingly. There’s a reason that pumpkin spice lattes are sold in the fall–it costs a lot more to create demand where it doesn’t exist, than capitalizing on the momentum that is already in place. Fish when the fish are biting. Finally, keep in mind the amount of time it will take for your message to gain traction with the target audience.

4.  Build from your strengths.
It’s much better to do a few things well than to do many things marginally. Prioritize your budgets against what you do best. Just because a segment of your audience flocks to a particular media platform, including it is not an effective use of your media dollars unless you have a good user experience there. Capitalize on the media channels where you can succeed while getting your house in order in those problem areas.

5.  Don’t forget the success metrics!
Campaign objectives aren’t of much value without a strategy for measuring success. After all, how can you evaluate performance if you haven’t determined what success looks like? Take the time to think it through BEFORE you build out your media buy. Consider what metrics are available and identify your key performance indicators. Establish a baseline or benchmark against which you can evaluate your results. Knowing what worked, didn’t work, or could work harder are invaluable learnings to apply to your next campaign.

Ready for more? The Lipman Hearne media team collectively brings over 35 years of media experience to our work, drawing from a wide range of advertising categories. We offer consulting-based solutions as well as full-service media planning and buying. We would love to help you get more out of your media!