Sara Stern

Executive Vice President, Philanthropic Marketing


Sara brings our clients a rare intelligence and a magnetic energy that is instrumental for driving strategy and building consensus. She’s a bright-and-brave idea person (you want her at your brainstorm) who can find the “aha” moments and do the kind of serious, sustained, big-picture thinking that is essential for guiding important philanthropic campaigns with goals ranging from $10 million to $4 billion.


Leading our philanthropic marketing practice, Sara brings an intimate, insider’s understanding of nonprofits’ issues and imperatives, gleaned from more than 15 years as a marketing executive at Rush University Medical Center, the Alzheimer’s Association, and Illinois Institute of Technology.


She’s great on a soapbox, which is why she often presents at CASE, American Marketing Association Nonprofit conference, Development Dialogues, Academic Impressions, (and at Chicago theaters requiring a sexy mezzo).

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