Minesh Parikh

Chief Executive Officer


Coming up through the ranks at Lipman Hearne, Minesh developed a deep understanding of project management, media strategy, and consulting & account management, resulting in innovative solutions for a wide spectrum of clients. He grounds his decision-making process in solid research, a sharp eye on industry trends, and a holistic perspective that reconciles institutional aspirations with institutional capacity—producing remarkable results.


As account manager, marketing planner, and media analyst, Minesh has served scores of institutions since starting at Lipman Hearne in 2001.He is a reliable leader, wonky number-cruncher, and thoughtful, creative problem-solver. Coworkers and clients agree: Minesh inspires confidence.


Minesh understands values, both the numerical ones that ensure smart insight and big results, and the emotional and philosophical ones that drive compelling and meaningful connections between organizations and their audiences. Whether at a computer keyboard or a conference podium, he is committed to guiding Lipman Hearne forward as we develop smart, effective solutions for our extraordinary clients.

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