Kevin Lyons
Research Supervisor

Marketing for Higher Education? Get to Know High School Juniors and Seniors.

Lessons from the Simmons® National Consumer Study

In September, we shared insights from the Simmons® National Consumer Adult Study that were relevant to higher education marketers. The study included high school juniors and seniors; and their responses provided data significant to higher education marketers.

The most interesting findings were the differences between high school juniors and seniors in regards to their online activities. Juniors were more likely than seniors to use Google and YouTube; while seniors were more likely to use email and social media websites. Seniors were also more likely to discuss in face-to-face conversations, the content they viewed on social media websites. In summary, online activities shifted from search in the junior year, to social in the senior year.

For college marketers, this suggests a couple of action items:

  • Engage prospects prior to their senior year, prior to when they slow down searching and ramp up talking.
  • Create buzz-worthy content for social media websites, stories that students will be excited to share with their classmates.

For reference, access the September Article.