Megan Davison
Senior Account Executive

Commit to Change

Taking your capital campaign from fundraising to brand-boosting

During the rush of meetings and profusion of office conversations surrounding a fundraising campaign, it can feel like all your ongoing communications work is being subsumed by your organization’s fundraising efforts.

It’s true that capital campaigns are often the harbinger of a fresh leadership perspective or positioned as an opportunity to improve your organization’s facilities, programming, or endowments for the future. But what if I told you that campaigns are often the catalyst to elevating your organization’s brand right now?

I know, I know—it seems like every resource ends up dedicated to the ongoing campaign. But if you break key campaign communication elements down—the funding verticals, the positioning, the events—could a campaign be a way to break through the noise and show your audience HOW your organization is an agent of change?

Our philosophy is that it must. After all, a campaign draws attention from donors and non-donors alike. What will they see when they look your way?

For our clients, committing to change and working towards a wildly ambitious fundraising goal means so much more than feasibility studies, gift tables, the intentional and strategic cultivation of major donors, and a final campaign report highlighting the campaign’s conclusion and success.

It could mean that an institution has the capacity to change lives through innovative programming or research, or simply by adding to its talented staff. It could mean that the institutional culture changes from within and radiates outwards. It could mean that the cadres of supporters you have engaged through this campaign are eager to affiliate and connect on a deeper level.

It could also mean that your organization has put a stake in the ground and proclaimed that is it worthy of support. And in a crowded market, the strength of your brand is buoyed by your organization’s commitment to be an agent of change.

So when you hear campaign conversations percolating internally, leverage that opportunity. Facilitate conversations that more sharply define your organization’s brand and drive it forward—and you will be an agent of change.