Michiko Gupta
Senior Digital Strategist

280 Words on 280 Characters

Four tips on keeping your content strategy relevant at twice the Tweet length

It’s official. After a month-long trial run, Twitter has doubled its character limit to 280 for all users.

Regardless of their personal feelings on the change (as one user scoffed, “If I wanted to deal with 280 characters, I’d go read Game of Thrones”), marketers and social media managers should take a moment to consider how this expansion impacts their Twitter content strategy. While the ultimate repercussions of the new format remain to be seen, we wanted to write a quick (and thematic) 280-word analysis giving you our four top-line takeaways from the first days of this brave new world:

  1. Brevity is the soul of (T)wit(ter). Just because you can Tweet in long sentences, doesn’t mean you should. Always think about your followers first—our knee-jerk reaction maybe to write more but especially as users adjust to the change, longer Tweets can lead to lesser engagement. Continue to use your characters judiciously.
  2. You read it on Twitter first.  Twitter will continue to be a source of breaking news, and can now be used for complete (if brief) news bites and stories. Consider fleshing out your communications strategy for unveiling big institutional announcements to capitalize on this.
  3. Double up on your tone and voice game. Twice the space means twice the opportunity to show off your brand’s personality—or blur it. Be sure not to let your voice drift.
  4. Twitter will always be Twitter. Your audiences are still distinct, as are the ways they use the platforms. Consider how you’ll keep the lines between the channels and their respective content strategies firm.

How are you getting creative with 280 characters? Let us know at info@lipmanhearne.com!